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Client Feedback

"It is over 10 years of great service; hosting and website design made easy for me as I focus on the other aspect of my business. Their timeous response to the raised issues/concerns is great."


Websitedesign.co.za is such an amazing company! I started working with them in 2018, they communicate effectively via email and they know how to execute your website design idea perfectly! They even remind you to update your website if you go too long without an update because you can forget. I love my website, its so easy to manage and their hosting is very affordable! Even during the arrival of COVID 19, WebsiteDesign was understanding and we setup a payment plan for my NGO website. The team here is very kind and friendly! I'm happy with all their services because they've never let me down in the 5 years I've been with them.


"It's exactly what we were looking for. We are quite impressed with your creativity and how you managed this project. Thank you so much. "


"Your team was amazing. I only sent a brief of how the website should be and Zanneleen gave me something that was beyond what I expected. As soon as it went live, I promoted it through Google Ads. She was patient and understanding. There is no way a customer would not buy our services. Riyaad also addressed my concerns and queries immediately, without any delay. His instructions were clear on how to set up our emails. Thank you so much for the awesome service. I am going to tell whoever that is willing to listen about you. I am a happy customer. "


"Thank you for the magnificent look and feel of the website. It is surely going to look great."


"You are a star. Thanks a Million for the amazing work you have done for us."


"Hi Zanneleen, Thank You for an awesome job on the website. I'm happy and signing the job off. Approved from myside. Have a great day ☀️"


"Good morning Wes,
Zanneleen would've informed you already but we're finalizing the website design and it has exceeded expectations🤗. At this rate, it looks like we won't be extending the deadline anymore than we have which is great! She's also informed me about the blog page costs. Will you please generate an invoice for it.
Thank you and your whole team for the time and effort you've put into this project!!!!! It's turned out great!!!"


"Thank you very much for your help. You are the best in the game. May you continue to grow in your career and achieve more in your life."


"I am looking at our website and I wanna cry. It's so perfect and more. I am lost for words. "


"Your efforts have been amazing through the website development. You’ve have been great!"


"Stephen has been great with handling all of our requests and working around limited available information.
Stephen always provides accurate, informative feedback with an eye towards reaching the desired goal of the client.
Even when asked to go back over colleagues' work and find missing images, etc, Stephen gladly assists immediately and gets the necessary feedback to us as quickly as possible so as to expedite the process.
We as a company, Laptop Accessories/LASA Electronics, as well as myself personally, Sean Patterson, would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stephen and WebsiteDesign to anyone for all of their website design needs."


"We are very happy with your services and it’s been 3 years already now with no issues at all. Thank you very much for excellent service. There are not many companies like you around."


"The Web Design Team are a certified force to be reckoned with - an exceptionally talented team of Gurus, who put our business show on the road. Endless patience and commitment driven with unparalleled service, puts them in a class on their own. Never an unanswered email, phone calls are always returned and I was always made to feel like a priority - consistently. Neil, Fred, Shane and Team - None of anything would have been possible without you #truestory"


"It still stays an absolute pleasure for me to work with professional people. Thank you for that and may the rest of this year just bring you joy and happiness"


"To, The powers that be at Websitedesign.co.za Its not often customers say well done, But they are quick to complain and moan at every opportunity. Being a Business owner I know this to well. I have been working with your websitedesign team since last year on 2 of my websites/projects.
-Always Helpful
-Always on the ball
-Always getting the job done as quick as possible time after time
-Always quick to respond to emails or questions
-Always willing to help
Which you do not get in SA easily. So a big well done and thank you. Look forward to future dealings! Thanks!"


"Hi Riyaad, Thank you for your excellent service, much appreciated!!! Have a great day further.Kind regards."


"Good Morning Fred, That splash page is STUNNING BEAUTIUS AND TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I love the logo, you are a design beast...do whatever you want, you know my crazy by now. I am so happy you are working with me again....happy dance....!!! You have sommer made my day!"


"Wow...it's absolutely fabulous. I love it... The contact form works and goes to my mail. I am so happy with your design and excellent service. Nice work ,thank you so much."


"Good morning Riyaad, Thank you for your emails and confirmation that payment has been received. I really appreciate your prompt ,efficient service that you deliver. My husband is considering swopping his web hosting over to you. Kind regards"


"Dear Elri, PPM would like to express our thanks to you for assisting us with our website. James is very impressed with the work done and says that the site looks great. All your hard work and time that was put into creating the website is highly appreciated. We will defiantly recommend you should we know or hear of anyone needing a website constructed."


"Good morning Elri, Thank you for the assistance, exceptional customer service! I managed to change it easily! Thanks again. Have a great day. "


"Hi Shane, Elri and Neil, Just a quick email to thank you for the amazing service that I have received throughout the duration of my website project. Elri - Thank you for all your patience and efforts throughout the duration of setting up this site. I found it difficult to express in words how I would like the site to look , however you have managed to understand exactly what I was talking about. You have always been helpful and assisting me, as well as immediately responding to any of my queries. You have done a great job with designing the site. Thank you
Shane – Thank you for the advice in choosing the right package option, and for also for identifying my voice and addressing me by name each time I called for Elri. It is a great personal touch.
Neil – Thank you for assisting me with the information on pictures etc, also for the follow up calls as well as the after care call. It is very rare to receive a service that comes with the level of professionalism that I have received from all of you at Website design. I was referred to use website design from a colleague Naveen Reddy and I will gladly refer website design to any prospective clients in the future.
Thank you !!!"


"Dear Fred, Thanks for a great job. I have received many compliments on the web site design!"


"Dear Riyaad, Thank you for your excellent service and response. Kind regards."


"Thanks for understanding Shane. Take care. I think your service is great. I would deffinitely recommend you anytime."


"Thank you so much Jason for all your good work as well and for making my dream come true of owning a website. It is very much appreciated. Another thank you for suggesting the service below and its various options. Would you kindly send me a quote to the SEO Kicks start please I would like to explore this option just to make myself known out there for the first 3 months. Thereafter I can include it in my 2014 budget for every 6 months."


"Thanks for the professional service!! I am so happy with the way things have gone. Elri was fantastic and Riyaad. Everyone I have dealt with has exceeded my expectations. Every promise was kept. Such a credit to the team. Many thanks"


"Dear Elri, You can proceed and close the project. I would also like to extend a big thank you to you and all the staff at Web Design for the excellent service which was afforded to me. Keep up the great work and I wish I could have staff with that commitment in my team. You should feel proud and I am certain you will grow from strength to strength with your company."


"Thank you very much Elri. Much appreciated. Incidentally, your design of the Stuartfield website has become a model for a few of my business acquaintances who are wanting to have websites done for them. They are very impressed and should be contacting your company soon. Two who might already have been in touch are "NMN Chartered Accountants" and "In-and-Out Painting Contractors". I'll keep spreading the word about your brilliant service."


"I must commend you on the quality of your work. You have truly taken my ideas and brought it to life in the most outstanding of fashions. Thanks!"